Hot Screen 

Hot Screen is the biggest in nordic among the companies that produces transfers to apply on clothes and other fabrics to for example market your buisness-logo. The enviroment is a high priority for Hot Screen and they have one of the world’s most modern and most environmentally friendly industrial production in their buisness.

Thanks to these guys Team Emma-Nellie have awesome Team Clothes!

Hotscreen black&white.png


JetPilot is (by my and many other people´s opinion) the most iconic weatsuit brand in the history of Jetski. I´m so proud and happy for beeing a JetPilot Athlete so I can ride and race wearing the best gear!



Blowsion is an american company on the leading edge in offering a full line of aftermarket watercraft parts and upgrades. If you need anything for your ski, you will find it trough Blowsion! They offer a big variation of services to all kinds of people!


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